Scottish Water, Metering Code Development

I+P undertook a full review of Scottish Water’s (SW) Metering Code and then developed the code to enable third party suppliers to install customer meters on the SW system. The new code is to be utilised under the new competition arrangement being introduced by the Scottish Water Regulator.

Scottish Water, Water Connection Code Review

I+P undertook a full review of Scottish Water’s (SW) Connection Code and then developed the code to enable third party suppliers to install customer connections the SW system. The new code is to be utilised under the new competition arrangement being introduced by the Scottish Water Regulator.

Severn Trent Water SOCRATES Research

I+P undertook an investigation of the effectiveness of a widely adopted UK Water Industry algorithm for determining true minimum nightline flow Socrates. This Project required the deployment of specialist data acquisition and analysis software specially adapted to look at low flow performance, together with the novel application of battery powered electromagnetic meters. The deliverable was a series of site specific reports on true nightline low flow performance based on fully traceable datasets, thus allowing the Client to deploy his resources most appropriately.

Severn Trent Water Residential Meter Supply Pipe Leakage Research

I+P undertook an investigation of supply pipe leakage measurement errors by first constructing, then monitoring within a tightly controlled Laboratory environment, a  typical UK supply pipe feed arrangement. Meters were located both at the theoretical feed boundary and at the point of entry to the property. A series of experiments were then undertaken to simulate leaks at various points on the supply pipework. The difference between the two metering regimes was then quantified by measurement of the ultra-low differential flows using bespoke metering specially developed for the task. The Client was then able to contrast the probability of assessing  the size of the supply pipe leakage when adopting the two alternative metering regimes.

Thames Water Puerto Rico Flow Audit

I+P undertook a site audit of the bulk flow metering systems on the pipelines providing water supply from Thames Waters Puerto Rico treatment plant and provided a report and recommendations. This was used by Thames water to upgrade their metering and to review the accuracy and repeatability of data for the water services regulator.

Concentric Meter versus “SmartMeter” Performance Audit

I+P undertook an investigation of the differences in volume measurement when using fluidic meters - as available with the “SmartMeter” water meter product - and conventional  concentric mechanical water meters purchased against the same ISO performance Standard. High quality, focused meter calibrations, undertaken on traceable flow meter test stands whose uncertainty was calculated, together with flow profile simulations, were used to quantify the likely statistical differences in reported volume flows when using the two apparently equivalent technologies.

Severn Trent Water Demand Verification

I+P Services undertook a review of all data from the verification of major supply meters in Severn Trent Water and provided a report enabling STW to understand the uncertainties and accuracy of the data sets being collected and reported.

Northern Ireland Water Services (NWS) -  Metering Review

I+P provided Northern Ireland Water Services with a strategic review of customer metering and customer service requirements in order for NIWS to meet regulatory and Government mandates for the introduction of customer meters and charging arrangements. A second project provided tactical support on the reorganisation of the meter reading and data management systems to enable NIWS to meet the demands of an increased number of meters. Both were successfully completed.

Thames Water Coppermills Treatment Plant

I+P in association with Cranfield University undertook an in depth review of the metering systems and data management at Coppermills Water Treatment Works (one of the largest Water Treatment works in Europe) for Thames Water (TW). The project required on site audit of all meters; identification and reporting of instrumentation problems and the rectification and upgrading of instrumentation. The data from the original instrumentation was then compared with that generated by the new instrumentation and allowances made for pipework infrastructure, uncertainties were calculated and reported to TW who were able to provide the analysis and reports to the regulator OFWAT.

Severn Trent Water Revenue Metering Support

I+P provided support to Severn Trent Water’s team reviewing data on revenue metering accuracy and degradation of flow measurement in the customer metering area. Reports were produced and economic models developed enabling STW to create the business case for inclusion in PRO9 submissions.

Leakage Management Support Water Commission for Scotland (WICS)

WICS required expertise to support the development of its strategy with regard to the regulatory area of Leakage Management carried out by Scottish Water. I+P provided support to Regulatory Meetings and reviewed various data on the economic level of leakage calculations.

Severn Trent Water Logger Accuracy Research

I+P undertook research for Severn Trent Water on the accuracy of logged data from system meters and reviewing the required accuracy / uncertainties of differing logging time intervals in logged data from different loggers. I+P undertook field work provided comparisons and reported on the findings.

Leakage Management Equipment Specification

I+P developed specifications and identified appropriate equipment and obtained competitive pricing for leakage measurement and detection equipment for a project in Latour India.

Abu Dhabi, ADWEA Academy Training

I+P in association with Cranfield University provide technical and management training courses for ADWEA’s human resources training and development program. I+P provide the courses  “System Flow Measurement”, “Network Operations, Maintenance and Optimisation”, “Reduction and Control of Non-Revenue Water” and “Operation of Water Treatment Plants”. Other courses are being developed.

Abu Dhabi Regulation and Supervision Bureau

Metering and Data Exchange Code Review

I+P carried out a review of the Abu Dhabi Metering and Data Exchange Code (MDEC) in order to ensure it reflected good practice within a utility context as well as the needs and operation of the sector . The review focused on appropriate assessment of metering compliance against the requirements of the MDEC between TRANSCO the transmission company the production companies and the distribution companies. A series of recommendations were made and these are currently being implemented.

Abu Dhabi Sir Bani Yas Island

I+P provided site training and support for the installation of 78 electro-magnetic flow meters. I+P also provided support in the commissioning of the meters and the MeterVue software to manage the maintenance of these meters and the reporting of flows, pressures etc. on a daily basis.

Malaysia Kedah State Water Company - Metering Development

I+P are providing support to Kedah State Water Company in the installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance of Electro Magnetic flow meters. The project also includes the provision of the MeterVue software for meter management and data management and licensing the diagnostic tools for meter commissioning, maintenance and fault finding.

Guyana Management Contract

I+P provided support to Severn Trent Water International (STWI) in the development of their metering strategy. This included specification of customer, distribution and major supply meters, the installation of Treatment Plant and system meters. I+P also supported the development of DMA’s for leakage detection and management including loggers and data management. With I+P’s support STWI were able to monitor system flow and reduce overall consumption.

Russia 14 Cities Project

I+P provided support to Severn Trent Water International (STWI) in the assessment of metering in 14 Russian cities. I+P’s work identified current metering installations and practices from domestic customer metering to plant and system metering. The project both developed the strategy for metering and design of DMA’s and reduction of leakage as well as providing audit reports of Works metering.

Mauritius Leakage Management

I+P undertook a review of all aspects of metering within the Central Water Authority in Mauritius for Severn Trent Water International (STWI). The contract was designed to develop DMA’s and leakage policy and strategy with STWI going on to undertake active leakage control which would be funded by water savings. In addition I+P provided specialist on-site investigation and measurement services to quantify the state of the existing measurement infrastructure.